Axis RUV : Class A Motorhomes Axis Motorhomes: Class A RV by Thor Motor Coach

An All-New Breed of Class A...RUV

New RUV MotorhomesFirst Off What’s An RUV? An RUV is a vehicle specifically made to fit your lifestyle. While some people may just call it a motorhome, it is so much more than that.  An RUV is a Recreational Utility Vehicle.  This vehicle can haul more than a typical full size SUV, includes a full bathroom and kitchen, and is compact in size and downright comfortable!


Do you fall into one of these categories?

You attend kid’s events all weekend, dreading the long drives to tournaments and another night at a hotel sleeping on other people’s comforters and sheets?

You love the fact your daughter has fallen in love with cheerleading, but who knew all these competitions would be every week?  Now how do you get those bill paid, figure out school schedules for the next week, and find time to entertain her and her two BFF’s?

You are at the point in life where you can spend a month in Florida to get out of the cold northern weather. Flights and airports are such a pain.  Driving the car is tedious and if the weather gets rotten, you may need to sleep in the car or visit a questionable hotel?  The grand kids want to come down to visit and they are on the way… If any of these statements are “true”, it might be the perfect time to check out a Axis RUV!!! Tailgating Motorhomes